The Binding of Citrus

Written by Cheyenne Mann

Directed by Piper Wiley

Two young women explore their emotions regarding the end of the world. Their lamenting is interlaced with a priest exploring the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, and the recitations of an Angel obsessed with poetry. 

two peaches on a black background
lit candle on a black background


Written by Wren Stone

Directed by Arlo Schneider

Luna is lost, looking for themself in men who only intend to harm them. Trapped in the bathroom after a hookup with an older man that they have way too much history with, they reflect on their life and the pieces of themself that they feel are missing. Will they be able to reclaim their Beauty before they are destroyed completely?

The Sashaying Dead

Written by Cael Negen

Directed by Tyler Salow

They're here, they're queer, and they're coming for your... brains? People are dying and reanimating gay! Oh the horror! Join Myrtle, Clay, Tiff, and Constance as they fight off these glittery hordes and do their best to pretend they have never seen a single episode of Glee.


a small skeleton wearing a red beanie and red converse
yellow suitcase on a rainy sidewalk

Dear John

Written by Meg Mechelke

Directed by Ennis Matthew Neal

In the late 1880s, the most-kissed woman in the world was fished out of the Seine River, drowned and dead. Today, a living woman reads a note that is neither a romance, a ghost story nor a suicide note, and yet, somehow is all of those at once.

The archivist

Written by Arlo Schneider

Directed by Julia Corbett and Meg Mechelke

While experiencing a compilation of home videos, the Archivist must contend with the gruesome realities of their past. In doing so, they will contend with questions about gender, family, identity, and above all: what really happened to their hands?

a rainbow banner reads "happy birthday," below this a chocolate cake and three party hats, two of which have fallen over